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Bath Interview Prep

Post by Honourific » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:38 pm

Hi everyone,

I was happily surprised last week when I was invited for an interview at Bath University! It's my first time applying so I'm unfamiliar with the interview process. In the invitation e-mail they say the interview will consist of three parts 1) a clinical task which involves watching a video clip and completing a related written task 2) a clinical/general interview 3) an academic/research interview. Each part is 25 minutes (which I think is pretty short!)

I read a good post on this forum today which pointed out that interviewers are assessing our ability to consider and deliver our responses in the moment - so it's probably best to focus our preparation more loosely around some key areas, rather than rigidly holding on to dogmatically prepared responses. So I'm wondering what other people think those key areas would be for each of the interview parts and how best to prepare for them?

The clinical task watching a video clip and completing a related written task:

I'm not sure what this could be so am hoping someone here will have a better idea than me! I'm thinking it could be to do with professional conduct / ethics but am not really sure. Any thoughts??

The clinical/general interview:

For the clinical part I'm thinking of writing up a couple of challenging clinical situations and how I responded to it, what happened, how I felt about it, how others responded, how I would do things differently in the future and what outcome I would expect in the future etc.

Also considering some clinical teamwork situations in the same way would likely be a good idea. As would refreshing myself on my role within past jobs.

For the general part I'm thinking mostly 'why clinical psychology?' and 'why Bath?' and 'what personal qualities do you have that will make you a good clinical psychologist?' Which for me involves some disclosure of mental health issues which I discussed briefly in my application and speaking about what makes the course at Bath stand out for me with mention to the specific research interests of staff members.

Also going over some recent NHS / clin psych developments sounds like a good idea.

Do you think I've missed out any important areas?

The research/academic interview:

For research I'm going to re-read my research projects and summarise and critique them so a non-expert can understand them and their relevance to clinical practice. I'll also read a few clinical articles I wasn't involved with and be able to summarise and critique them in the same way. I may also go over the basics of research design and statistics but will keep this strictly to the basics as I imagine it would be a lot of wasted effort to go really deeply into the finer details of specific designs and analyses.

I'm not really sure what the academic part will involve. I assume they'll be assessing how suitable we are for the academic component though I'm not sure what kinds of questions those might be. Any suggestions?

Thanks very much for thoughts, I'm very curious to read them!


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Re: Bath Interview Prep

Post by confuseddotcom » Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:22 pm

I think you're on the right lines with your plan... there's also some really informative WIKI posts about interview prepping that you might find useful :)

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