Bath Academic Ability Score International Equivalence

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Bath Academic Ability Score International Equivalence

Post by Bell » Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:58 pm


I'm currently looking at the academic scoring that Bath does for clinical applications. I noticed that Bath includes A Levels on their academic ability score, but I went to school in the US. I've read in a previous post from 2013 that said they didn't feel their qualifications from outside the UK were accepted in this scoring system. Does anyone have any updates or experience with this before I email and ask? The scores are as follows:

Completed PHD-10
Masters or PHD beyond 2 years -5
1st Class Honours Degree- 15
A Pass at A-level 8 points
B Pass at A-Level 5 points
C pass at A-Level 3 points
Other A-Level 1 point
MAX a Level Score-25 Points
Total Max Score-50

I've secured a 1st in my undergraduate, but it would seem that I'd be extremely disadvantaged (by up to 25 points?) if they didn't include my A level equivalence. (I'm not even sure what they would consider the equivalence to an A level in the US would be...AP placements? SATS? GPA?)

Side note: I am eligible for UK fee status

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Re: Bath Academic Ability Score International Equivalence

Post by Bell » Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:00 pm

Hi Everyone,

I have emailed the course administrator. Just thought I'd post here what was said in hopes it may help someone in the future.

"If you have not completed A Levels, the admissions team look at the A level entry requirements for the undergraduate course you completed, and are scored as having met those requirements.
For example, if you did a course at Birmingham university that required AAB to access that course, you would be counted as though you had scored AAB at A Level"

I asked if they would consider a scholarship that was based on academic ability to get into the programme as my University entry requirements were only a CCC and my scholarship had a minimum requirement of AAB:

"I would suggest that you forward documentation to support your application in this respect because the person scoring your application might not have access to all this extra information and would, by default, score you at CCC. You would need to highlight your scholarship and provide evidence that AAB was the requirement for such a scholarship"

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Re: Bath Academic Ability Score International Equivalence

Post by firegal » Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:48 am

Thanks for this info Bell. I'm on training now but I find it really interesting.
I was put off from applying for Bath because of their use of A levels - I realised that my MRes would be cancelled out if I was up against someone who had a couple of As at A level compared to my BBB. Funnily enough though, I did my undergrad at Birmingham, so perhaps if I just failed to include my A level results I might have fared better :lol:

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Re: Bath Academic Ability Score International Equivalence

Post by Bell » Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:13 pm

I'm still not sure if I'm going to apply still. I really like the look of the programme, but still think I'm put at a disadvantage.

I mean if they're looking at 400+ applications.. are they really going to be bothered to attach all the extra bits of information I have provided to my application? And then are the people looking through these really going to look into my situation when they are under pressure to screen applicants at what I would imagine would be a quick pace...

I think I might need to go through my list of 4 and do some thinking....

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