Whether to state 'high' 2:1 and if so, where?

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Whether to state 'high' 2:1 and if so, where?

Post by AryaStark » Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:08 pm

Hi everyone,

So I'm going to apply to the doctorate for the first time this year and could do with some advice. I have read through topics on this forum as well as information on the clearing website (although I realize this is still for 2017 entry and has not yet changed to 2018). I have a 'high' 2:1 (69%) in a BPS accredited Psychology Bsc (with GBC) and no further postgraduate qualifications. I do have a range of clinical experience and now also some research which I hope will help me in getting on to the course eventually *fingers crossed*.

The question is this; I have seen on a 'how to complete the application' PDF on the clearing house website that you should not state your percentage grade (just the classification) if your university does not include the grade on the certificate or transcript. The university gave me the percentage grade over the phone when I received the result years ago and when I work this out too (it is a weighted credits system) it comes out with the same percentage. I know that some courses only accept a mid or high 2:1 without postgraduate qualifications and so I would like to show that my grade is a 'high' 2:1, however I'm not sure how to do this if it does not state it on my certificate.

I understand there is a section in the application which is for mitigating circumstances and other relevant information. Would it be relevant to put my mark there or is this something the selecting universities can 'work out' from my transcript?

As a side note; I did have a lot of unfortunate circumstances at university which I will not go in to detail here, however the university at the time did not allocate me any mitigating circumstances (or extensions etc.) due to my personal tutor being away for a significant amount of time (again, I will not go in to detail here for anonymity). I felt that this was somewhat unfair due to my grade being on the borderline and feeling that I could have done much better if the situation were different. I am not sure whether to mention this in this section as I do not want to come across as bitter and I have moved on from this, however on the same token I would like to show that I can achieve academically. Does anyone have any advice regarding this?

The courses which I am looking to apply to (due to liking to look of the course) have selection tests and tend to favour experience over academics, so I'm hoping that will help!

Apologies for the long post and thank you for your time in reading this! Good luck to anyone thinking of applying this year :D

TL;DR how and where do you state what 'type' of 2:1 you have and can you do this without it being explicitly stated on your transcript?
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Re: Whether to state 'high' 2:1 and if so, where?

Post by Loula » Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:02 pm

You could ask your academic referee to mention it?

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Re: Whether to state 'high' 2:1 and if so, where?

Post by ell » Thu Aug 24, 2017 5:20 pm

I thought there was a box for the academic reference to tick to indicate degree award and 'level'. Though I've not looked at it all for a few years...

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Re: Whether to state 'high' 2:1 and if so, where?

Post by mjb223 » Thu Aug 24, 2017 6:28 pm

Hi Aryastark

Next to your grade (when you complete the qualification section on clearing house) you can add the percentage, e.g. 2:1 (69%).

You can also briefly add a line in the last section of the form (I think the extra information section) and explain your degree is 69% and although you were eligible for mitigating circumstances this was not processed. I don't think you need to add this line as your 2:1 is high but if you want to I think this is the best section.

My university does not calculate a percentage so this is what I was advised to do. Just make sure your academic referee has this information.

All the best with your application :)

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Re: Whether to state 'high' 2:1 and if so, where?

Post by katiesykerd » Sat Sep 09, 2017 2:46 pm

I'd also be interested to know this.

Also, out of curiosity, how did you work out your percentage? I'm sure I've got a "high" 2:1 but if I'm explicitly mentioning it on my application I want it to be accurate.

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Re: Whether to state 'high' 2:1 and if so, where?

Post by Shmit » Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:51 am

From memory, each university may calculate their final result differently. This can be both your undergrad university, and also the university you're applying to for the Doctorate. I had to email my undergraduate university and ask them to send on an extra document/transcript that outlines each module result and their official overall score, as my original transcript didn't include this.

As mjb223 says, I included my overall score when stating I had a 2:1 for my undergrad.

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