Application form is different this year?

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Application form is different this year?

Post by katiesykerd »

Hi All,

Has anybody noticed that the application form format is different this year? I'm sure previous years you could click "update" or save or something and it didn't class it as complete (the tick didn't appear at the side), and also you didn't have to completely finish the page before clicking save.

So, for example and the issue I'm currently having, you could input just one reference, save it, and come back to add the other one later and the first one had saved. Now I tried to add a definite reference and leave the one I'm yet to ask blank, and it wouldn't let me save it. So I added both in and just planned to not send off the reference request till after I'd actually asked the person, and it still wouldn't save! It says I have to send off the reference request for the references to be saved.

Am I the only one this is affecting, or getting really annoyed by this. I'm sure it wasn't like this before :/
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Re: Application form is different this year?

Post by Randomswirls »

The references were always like that but the rest you could save?
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Re: Application form is different this year?

Post by Victoriomantic »

I've not been seeing any kind of "save draft" options either, which is annoying. I've noticed that writing in some boxes then clicking away will do a temp save but I've had the same issue with the references section.
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