Academic Reference

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Academic Reference

Post by wxh565 »


I'm preparing to apply for the DClinPsy and am a bit stuck with my academic reference. I haven't got a masters but obviously have my undergrad personal tutor and could use them if need be but I graduated in 2018 and I don't think they knew me very well. I have more recently worked as a research assistant in a clinical trials unit at a university but this hasn't been directly related to psychology and has given me insight into the running of clinical trials but hasn't necessarily allowed me to demonstrate academic ability e.g. designing projects, writing papers, service evaluations, audits etc...

My line manager said they would be happy to give me a reference and I trust that they would give me a good one. However, I'm just unsure if the things I've been doing in this job would classify as "academic ability" and if they'd be able to comment on them e.g. I've been writing writing standard operating procedures, dissemination plans, data cleaning and just things to help with the running of clinical trials etc...I was thinking I could also give them a copy of my degree transcript so they could also comment on my actual academic achievements?

So I guess I'm asking, should I use someone who would probably give me a more personal reference but may not exactly be able to comment specifically on academic ability (writing essays, dissertation etc..) but is from an academic institution or someone who definitely can but might not do it as well?

Thanks for any responses!
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Re: Academic Reference

Post by miriam »

Courses are used to some academic references being old. But if you have a supervisor in a role in which you have been a research assistant, particularly if they have seen you write up reports or an article for publication, you could use them as a reference - particularly if they have seen and could refer to, the reference you got from your undergrad degree.

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Re: Academic Reference

Post by Northernlad »

Hi wxh565

I decided to opt for an academic referee that supervised a 6-week research internship, rather than my undergraduate supervisor (from 5 years prior) as I was sure that my intern supervisor could provide a more detailed and personal reference than that of a supervisor who likely couldn't remember much about me. I'll add that the project was not related to psychology either (although I was able to demonstrate a range of research skills), and I still got an interview that year so it certainly is possible!

Good luck.
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Re: Academic Reference

Post by mungle »

I'd also add that when I have written references it is very useful if the person draws my attention to any achievements or aspects of their experience they want me to include. You could also send them the person specification for a trainee clinical psychologist to help them tailor the reference.
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