Any current UCL or IoP trainees?

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Any current UCL or IoP trainees?

Post by BathLondonOxford1 » Sun May 06, 2018 9:51 pm


I have been offered a place at UCL and love their course (pluralistic ethos; teaching of both quant & qual methods; an emphasis on diversity; option of CBT pathway). I am deciding whether to go to my IoP interview or withdraw. Originally I wasn't as keen on IoP due to the main focus being CBT. However, I am wondering if the placements are better in terms of being more specialist (plus possibly being located within a smaller area - especially after having a very long commute for the past two years). I know that UCL shares its placements with UEL and RHUL so I wondered if there were fewer specialist placements/less choice etc at UCL?

I know it's likely that the decision would be made for me if I did go to IoP, but are there any trainees who can share some of your experience of either course, particularly in relation to placements, and anything else that you particularly dis/like about your course?

Thank you!

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