Research Exam Help

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Research Exam Help

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Hello All,

As the application season has started my anxiety about the research exam begins I am specifically talking about the Salomans and Surrey Exam. I feel that I really need some help with this. Has anyone got any good tips or suggestions on how to prepare? I know that this is a few months away but I have done it before and felt really overwhelmed. I was wondering if anyone had some time or if they know anyone who would be able to do some tutoring. I feel this would really help.

Thank you so much.
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Re: Research Exam Help

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Sorry to hear you're feeling anxious about this.

Solomons, as I'm sure you know have plenty of past practice examinations for you to take a look at. You might also revisit some of the texts you covered within the first and second years of university on research and stats- interpreting results, independent vs dependent variables, research design, etc.
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