Calling for all International trainees

Discuss the content and style of the different clinical psychology doctoral training courses, the differences between them, placements, teaching, chat to other trainees and connect with other people who have places on the same course
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Calling for all International trainees

Post by YSY » Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:18 am

Hi all,

It seems like there aren't many posts here about international trainee. Therefore, I'm thinking of connecting each other since we all fly (mine >7000 miles) all the way to the UK just to pursue our dream of being a clinical psychologist. Some of us might be the only international trainee and it can be quite challenging at times. Perhaps knowing that you aren't alone and having each other support might be quite helpful.

Feel free to leave a comment here and briefly introduce yourself. If you want to connect with each other, do send me a message and I will try to create a WhatsApp group or so.


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