Questions about KCL IoPPN Course & Student Life

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Questions about KCL IoPPN Course & Student Life

Post by truecolours » Tue Apr 09, 2019 8:03 pm

I'm an international applicant and had some questions about the course - any current or past trainees' insight on any of these questions would be much appreciated! I would be happy to PM anyone who prefers to talk privately:

1. How has the process of selecting an advisor and determining the research area for the research thesis been? When does it begin? Is this based on preexisting research topics provided by professors in the clinical psychology department? Is there possibility for collaboration with faculty throughout the IoPPN?

2. I know that CBT is the main therapeutic modality. I am curious about how much of the other modalities are incorporated into the teachings and placements throughout the three years? Are there accessible options of placements that utilise other modalities like systemic, ACT, DBT, psychodynamic, etc?

3. How has personal support for trainees been i.e. academic/research support, placement support, mental health/counselling services?

4. How has student living been in London? I am curious about affordable accommodation options close to campus - do people recommend living on campus residences or subletting a room? How has commuting to placements and campus been using public transportation?

5. I know KCL has fixed times to take annual leave. I believe it is Christmas, Easter and possibly times in the summer? Do this all need total up to 26 days and is there a maximum length of time one can take at one time? Sorry if this is a silly question but it would be helpful to know in planning trips back home as an international student.

Any insight, even just about London living (I am aware that it's expensive), would be much appreciated! Thanks :)

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