Psychology Conversion MSc

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Psychology Conversion MSc

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Hello, I am new here, what a great site with lots of information!

I'm currently undergoing a career change- from a paramedic into psychology. I've got a place as a trainee psychological wellbeing practitioner and start training at the end of April. I'm currently 24, and have an end goal of becoming a clinical or forensic psychologist.

My undergrad is a foundation degree (FdSc) in paramedic science, I will be doing a PGCert this year in low intensity psychological therapies, and plan to take the conversion MSc next year in psychology.

I just wondered if I'm going to be at a disadvantage without a BSc later on down the line? I should also mention I have a vast range of clinical experience through my work as a paramedic, and before that in support roles for brain injured individuals.

Thanks for reading :)
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