Do I need to do a masters?

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Do I need to do a masters?

Post by LDillon »

I know everything is so subjective but I am really struggling with whether not doing a masters will make it impossible to get into the doctorate at any point.

I have a high 2:1 in my psychology undergrad, was a PWP for 3 years and now a Senior PWP for a year. I have very little research experience outside of my undergraduate project and a brief honorary research assistant role. I am going to apply to the HI intensity CBT training this year as well.

I just dont know if at some point it may be necessary to go back to uni and do a Masters?
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Re: Do I need to do a masters?

Post by Mephistofela »

Perhaps you could initially consider some of the clinical courses that place less emphasis on research at the application stage? Alternatively you could also look for research assistant-type posts, having one of these might be enough to evidence your academic skills, especially since you already had a high 2:1.
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Re: Do I need to do a masters?

Post by Lancelot »

There are many threads on this issue if you use the search function.

In short, it is not necessary to complete a masters. However, it could help your chances and improve your research skills.
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Re: Do I need to do a masters?

Post by miriam »

Or you could find a way to do a piece of research at work, or take one session per week out to work in a university or with a CP with active research interests - it would be a lot cheaper and less time consuming whilst still proving your academic credentials. But if you are going to do the HI training it might all be moot anyway, as that is a different career path.

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