AP Post Supporting Statement - semi urgent!

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AP Post Supporting Statement - semi urgent!

Post by intime » Sun Jul 24, 2016 9:26 pm

Hi, this is for an AP/clinical studies post which looks damn near flipping perfect so any/all feedback is gratefully received!

I am a psychology graduate currently working with adults who have mental health needs and/or learning disabilities. My experience in this role has given me a thorough understanding of the need for professionalism, compassion and confidentiality and has led me to develop more patience than I had previously assumed possible. Previously, during my degree studies, I applied and was accepted to be part of a Research Experience Scheme in my second year and then designed my own piece of experimental research for my dissertation in my third year. These experiences showed me the value of research and gave me a good grounding in the issues surrounding clinical study. It is these experiences of research which first made me consider going into clinical work in my future.

During the second year of my psychology degree I was selected to be part of the Research Experience Scheme (RES) run by the psychology department of the University of Kent which enabled me to shadow and assist a PhD student in their thesis research. I worked alongside a student who was researching the effects of a cognitive intervention strategy on panic responses when participants were faced with threatening images. My responsibilities were greeting participants; gaining their informed consent; explaining the university ethics policy; running the experimental trials; collecting and inputting data to SPSS and; using this software to analyse the data. The experimental trial consisted of setting up software to display threatening or nonthreatening images and then administering a stroop test to gauge the effect of the intervention. I found participating in the RES to be incredibly valuable experience when preparing for my own dissertation research in my third year as well as being a lot of fun to be part of in itself! Despite the fact the research was not my own it was a real privilege to be able to analyse data and see the conclusions of the work forming week to week, knowing that the results could mean real life change and improvement for people.

My dissertation was entitled "The Invisible War of Manhood: Hypermasculinity as a Predictor of Implicit Aggression" and was based on a piece of research which I designed and conducted myself with the guidance of my supervisor. I had found a research gap during a literature search for another piece of work which niggled at me until I eventually found myself drafting a research proposal before my third year even started. Research had been conducted into the relationships between: implicit aggression and actual aggression; hypermasculinity and actual aggression and; hypermasculinity & actual aggression and sexual violence. At the time there was no research into a potential relationship between hypermasculinity and implicit aggression which is what I chose to investigate. Designing this research meant I had to develop an awareness of relevant clinical issues such as participant eligibility and selection, barriers to participation in research and abiding by guidelines - ones both ethical and relating specifically to the study itself. As well as this I had to discipline myself to develop my attention to detail to a high standard and be compassionate towards my participants, some of whom had witnessed some potentially upsetting imagery.

Aside from having experience specifically within research I am a computer literate, confident and self-motivated person. In September 2016 I will be undertaking a distance learning MSc in Clinical Applications of Psychology with a view to preparing to enter a clinical field later on in my career, the first module of which will be Research Methods. I am hoping my experience of self-study during my internship will help me remain disciplined enough to complete the course to the high standards I have come to expect from myself! In terms of my future I am trying to balance keeping an open mind with the drive I feel to enter into clinical work. I feel I would be a hardworking, dedicated and motivated member of the clinical effectiveness team.

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Re: AP Post Supporting Statement - semi urgent!

Post by maven » Wed Jul 27, 2016 2:17 am

If that is a cut and paste of your application form then it is good at telling what you have done, but would do nothing to tell me how you meet my specifications as a short-lister. You need to literally respond point by point to the person specification for each specific post, rather than writing something that can be cut and paste into any job application. But if you have sent it in already - good luck!

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