What can I expect from clinical support worker post in CAMHs

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What can I expect from clinical support worker post in CAMHs

Post by hollyhock » Tue Aug 30, 2016 3:49 pm

Hey guys,

I am not sure if this is the correct section of the website to be posting but here goes. I have recently been accepted for a clinical support worker post in CAMHS in an open adolescent unit. They deal with people with diagnosed or suspected mental illness that cannot be safely managed by outpatient services but not young people requiring a more secure environment. I believe around 50% have psychosis and others with problems with moods who pose as a risk to themselves

So.. When reading the job description they mentioned some one on one therapeutic work but during the interview they said while there is some, there may also be other care responsibilities including dealing with bodily fluids. However they were recruiting for a few roles including one in a children's unit, so not sure if that task would be more specific to a younger person age group.

Furthermore, there were many (lots!) questions in the interview around risk to myself - I am not sure whether they asked this because it is a daily problem or whether they were just testing if I could handle it on some instances when it could occur - again it was an interview for multiple positions in a few different wards so it could be that the ward I am placed in because its 'open', could be less risky for workers?

I guess I am just trying to work out what some of my tasks may actually be, and whether this is a glorified support worker role, in which case I would rather find out now than on my first day!

I currently work in IAPT so our CSW roles there are way different to secondary care. I'd love to hear from people who are aware of some of the tasks/have experience of working in CAMHs to know what it was like and your experiences (particularly around risk towards yourself as a clinician)! :D

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Re: What can I expect from clinical support worker post in C

Post by RosieM » Sat Sep 10, 2016 2:32 am


Mind me asking which unit it's in?

I had a great time working as a CSW on an adolescent unit. I'd say it's about making the most of your experience - yes there will be some gritty stuff especially if you're dealing with very unwell patients but that will also depend on the unit.

Whilst I worked there I managed to run some psych groups whilst there wasn't a trainee or assistant and I did a load of work on service evaluation. You will do 1:1 work, just not necessarily as in depth as you might always hope but again, you have to make the most of opportunities. I'd recommend it from my experience.

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