NHS Application Form - advice needed!

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NHS Application Form - advice needed!

Post by RoseKelly » Sun Oct 16, 2016 3:34 am

Hello everyone, I have several very dumb questions regarding the NHS application form and was hoping you could help me out. I've searched through the board and couldn't see anything similar posted.

1. Qualifications: In the qualifications section, which academic achievements should be listed? I have obviously put down my degree, but I am hesitant to put down any A-Levels as my results were abysmal (A-C-D!). Is it necessary to list A-Levels? And should Maths and English GCSE grades also be listed?

2.Employment History I have a fair amount of relevant experience for the job I am applying for, however it asks for my most recent employer. My most recent job was in a pub and I honestly don't think the manager would write the nicest reference for me. Is it okay to put down my most recent relevant experience instead?

3.References I'm really unsure of the correct etiquette when it comes to references. Is it necessary to contact a referee yourself to make sure they are willing to write a reference before putting their details down?

Thank you in advance to any one who can help. And apologies for the basicness of my questions but I have no one to turn to to ask these silly things, so your help means a lot :oops:

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Re: NHS Application Form - advice needed!

Post by jyddx » Sun Oct 16, 2016 9:50 am

Hi RoseKelly,

I'd say a lot of this might be dependent on what job you're applying for. If it's a role that necessitates you being a graduate, for example, I'd probably include my A Levels. More support worker/HCA style jobs tend to ask that you have GCSEs as their requirement, so I suppose you could include those but give your A Levels a miss - that said, your 'abysmal' A Level grades might matter less for these kind of jobs :)

For employment history, I've left off the pub/retail/cafe jobs I've had, generally, or grouped them into one 'Various retail and hospitality experience' part. That way you're not lying but also not bulking out your form with information that might not be completely relevant to the role. These jobs could have given you some useful transferable skills though - ever dealt with an angry person at the bar? How did you deal with it? These kind of things could well transfer to mental health work.

Similarly, for references, I've found so far that references predominantly serve the purpose of confirming what you've been doing with your time for the past 3 years! In all the Trusts I've applied for, they wanted to references to cover the past three years. This at one fairly absurd point meant I had to give them a reference from my sixth form! This is just my experience, though, and I'm not sure to what extent they use or are too worried about the content of the two primary references. A reference from a non-psychology job could still say a lot about your basic 'soft' skills: communication, time-keeping, organisation etc. You could email HR or the contact from the team you have and ask?

I've always checked in with the two primary references first to ask :)

Hope some of that is useful!

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Re: NHS Application Form - advice needed!

Post by maven » Sun Oct 16, 2016 1:17 pm

You need to give your most recent employer, but you can do so very briefly and give more detail about your relevant employment.

Your A-levels are fine, and will hardly be given a second thought if you are a graduate and have a good degree grade, but you should put them. You can put a one line summary of your GCSEs (eg "9 GCSEs at A-C grade, including maths and English") if you wish, but this is not really essential.

It is courteous to ask a potential reference before listing their name on an application, and will likely make them feel more favourable than a request out of the blue. If the reference is from a long time ago, or a course, so the relationship was less personal then you can also ask if they remember you, or would like some reminder information.

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Re: NHS Application Form - advice needed!

Post by RoseKelly » Wed Oct 19, 2016 2:58 am

Thanks to both of you for the helpful tips! I was feeling very lost :oops: It's much appreciated!

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