AP supporting statement dilemma

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AP supporting statement dilemma

Post by dothetantan » Mon May 29, 2017 1:45 pm

Hi everyone!

Yet another one of these threads relating to AP applications ( sorry :oops: :roll: ) but I'm having a bit of an internal dilemma. As "AP application season" is upon us again, I have made my first handful of AP applications ever within the last couple of weeks, however I would like to ask for some advice about the supporting statement sections.

I know people either tend to write in one of two styles: writing in an essay style format, or by listing each person spec point and completing it this way. I have tended to always apply for previous jobs in the latter (including the recent AP posts, unless specified otherwise) and find this to be the best way to list how I meet each point clearly. However, due to the length of person specs I am finding that my statements are very long as I cover each point and fear that they may not be fully read by the shortlisting teams. I am also finding it difficult to show exactly why I would want the particular job in this format. On the other hand, I am unsure of how I would make an essay style statement more tailor made to a particular job and feel it may seem like more of a copy and paste job rather than tailoring.

I am aware of the importance of being reflective in my statement rather than just listing my experience; and have tried to include what certain experiences taught me, what I learned or how I developed but I don't know what else I can do. I want to get into a good writing style from early on in the application process, but I am not too sure how I should really go about it. Do short-listers prefer a more reflective personal statement style (like for PWP posts or the Clinical doctorate application form) or should I stick to listing each point individually and completing it this way?

All help and input is appreciated, thanks very much! :D

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Re: AP supporting statement dilemma

Post by sorayadanica » Mon Oct 02, 2017 2:11 pm

I've found that writing in an essay style format helps me sound the most reflective and my material more engaging. I usually start with a short paragraph about why I want that particular job then make my next paragraph specific to that job area. So if the patient group is forensics I talk about forensics first, if it is learning disabilities, I talk about learning disabilities first.

I use the exact words in the person spec so it leaps out easier at them and try and relate it to the job description where possible.

If there is anything that you have done that makes you particularly special or would put you at an advantage in that role over other candidates then state it.

I've had a lot of success getting assistant interviews this way. The interview process is another story. It's gotten even more competitive!!

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