PWP post or Assistant Psychologist?

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PWP post or Assistant Psychologist?

Post by CassieO » Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:06 pm

I have just completed the PG Cert PWP training course and therefore been working for the NHS alongside the training course (as a Trainee PWP). I am now applying for qualified PWP positions and have an interview coming up. I also decided to apply for Assistant Psychologist vacancies to keep my options open. I have been invited to an interview for an AP - the first I have ever been short listed for. I believe the interview offer is due to the PWP training and experience from working as a Trainee for the last year. I also have an MSc Psychology Clinical and Health. My original long term plan was to apply for the Clinical Psychology doctorate - after working as a PWP for a couple of years. I have now started to think the Counselling Psychology doctorate might be more suitable for me, as I have enjoyed the therapeutic side of being a PWP. My question is: if I do get an offer for both PWP and AP (thinking positive here :P ) which do I accept? As I have completed PWP training - it seems logical to work as a PWP for a least a year or 2 particularly if I later apply for the Counselling Psychology doctorate. However, is an AP role too good to turn down, regardless of the timing? Thank you for any input.

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Re: PWP post or Assistant Psychologist?

Post by maven » Tue Jul 17, 2018 1:35 pm

Worry about it if/when you get offers from both and once you have a feel of both roles and services.

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