How to write/structure a CV for applying to relevant jobs?

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How to write/structure a CV for applying to relevant jobs?

Post by Brioche » Sun Jul 28, 2019 8:24 pm

Been a part of this forum a few months just reading but now I finally post seeking some help. Want to start gaining proper experience before I consider the doctorate - might help me decide what I also really want to do.

For my third year at University (after two previous years trying to find relevant volunteering/paid work) I am going to be a peer mentor and have a placement hopefully linked to mental health. I would try Samaritans or NSPCC but they seek more long term volunteers which I cannot be unfortunately. I would love to once I'm back at home however.

I know this isn't much but I'd like to know about how to write this up efficiently for a CV - after University I'd like to try getting a job either as a support worker or an assistant in a SEN school. Advice about getting either of these roles would also be wonderful :D
It's just I've seen things before about writing reflectively for some roles or how short CV's are better?

Thank you for any advice :cheers:

P.S - I have a local grief counselling charity that my mum actually has been volunteering with and I'm just curious about how useful this kind of experience may be?
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