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Discuss what to expect in job and course interviews, what topics might be covered, how to manage anxiety, and how to get the desired result!
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support time recovery worker

Post by kalli » Tue Jul 21, 2015 1:26 am

I just got my first interview as a support time recovery worker at st george's in london. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the type of questions that maybe asked. I know they are some postings on this forum about this, but they are quite old now if anyone has a recent experience going to an interview please help,
Thank you

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Re: support time recovery worker

Post by Amina » Tue Jul 21, 2015 11:52 am

Congratulations on your interview, that's great! So now you know your application form was good enough to get you this far, I hope you're feeling inspired!

I'm no great expert at interviews but have had a few as well as sitting on interview's a few of my thoughts- please take what's useful and ignore the rest!

I'm not sure if people will want to share specific questions for a certain post; maybe check out the list in the WIKI-it's old but to be honest many of the classic questions come up again and again! Maybe read through and make a(mental or actual!) note of questions that seem relevent and think about how you may respond to them. Don't try to have a 'perfect' answer though, as you don't know what the exact questions will be and you need to be able to think on your feet!

I've not bad a STAR interview recently but I think there are some things that can be applied to most interviews! Make sufe you're familiar with what you wrote in your application/statement and the essential criteria for the job as questions are often framed around this. I don't know what your previous experience is with different settings/people with different needs, but you will no doubt have transferable skills around engaging with people, communicating clearly to clients/service users/the MDT, knowing your role and how it fits in with the team and other services/agencies, motivating people, dealing with complex situations etc....

Don't be afaid to ask for clarification or some thinking time; something like 'may I just think about that for a minute' , or having a coue of sips of water can give you space to gather your thoughts and organise your reply! It may be useful to contact the department (email, check the website, look up staff interests/department audit or development) to give you more info and enable you to ask pertinent questions.

Above all, think about what qualities, skills and experience you can bring that make you the best candidate!

Hope that's useful, if not rather generic, and am sure others will have more/different ideas and advice!

Hope it goes well!

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