Query r.e safeguarding in prisons

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Query r.e safeguarding in prisons

Post by strawbz » Tue Oct 27, 2015 2:55 pm

Hi all, this query is sort of relevant for this forum but not entirely but I hope you don't mind :D

My friend is a teacher and teaches maths at a further education college and has been offered an interview for a job which would involve teaching maths at an adult prison to prisoners. She has to do a 10minute microteach presentation to a group of learners (prisoners) although it will likely be the staff posing as learners for the benefit of the interview. The microteach is on safeguarding.

She is confused because she is not sure what angle she should go at for this - it was her (and my) understanding that staff are responsible for safeguarding and service users do not necessarily have responsibility for this? Normally when receiving safeguarding training it is aimed at knowing the safeguarding principles and the different types of abuse to be aware of and how the need to report any suspicion of abuse to the relevant authority. However, service users/prisoners are surely not responsible for this? Would the angle therefore be "how to safeguard yourself in a prison?" or would it be just giving an overview of the safeguarding principles?

Highly confused! Hope someone can help!

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Re: Query r.e safeguarding in prisons

Post by sarahg » Tue Oct 27, 2015 4:59 pm

I think it is important for prisoners to be aware of safeguarding issues.
They need to understand why these things are in place, and the procedures that are likely to be followed should something happen.

For example, if they disclose some information - what may happen.
Also, if they ask a 'private' question to a prison worker, why the prison work cannot answer some questions.

In addition, not only is there safeguarding for the prisoners, but there is also safeguarding for the people who work there.

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