Cringeworthy things you said in an interview

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Re: Cringeworthy things you said in an interview

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lingua_franca wrote: Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:54 am They took me seriously and the joke fell flat.
Hands down, one of the worst moments known to mankind.
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Re: Cringeworthy things you said in an interview

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Oh no Lingua_Franca! That's definitely something I would do though - I walked into a child planning meeting the other day and balked at the number of people in the room, then turned to my client who had started to cry, gave her a tissue and said "well, they look bloody scary but probably half of them don't need to be here". She laughed and it broke the tension, but the head social worker chairing the meeting looked very unimpressed. Whooops.

On a related note to your comment, LF - my dad was on interview panels at Oxford around 30 years ago, and part of the interview was having a meal with the panel. Apparently the oldest of the old fogies on the panel genuinely took points away if someone ate fruit with their hands instead of eating peaches or bananas with a knife and fork!

Recent interview: I met with a PI to talk about possibly partnering on a project - about ten minutes in, I realised I had booked an appointment with the wrong name... Mary Smith instead of Mary Brown (name changed). Very very awkward to realise I was speaking to someone who thought I was here to collaborate on research on neuroscience and artificial intelligence, instead of on looked after and accommodated children!
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