Research Assistant interview - HELP

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Research Assistant interview - HELP

Post by Bakedbean » Tue Sep 06, 2016 11:27 am

Hello everyone!

I need some advice - I have a skype interview on thursday for a research assistant post. The interview is 25 mins long and they are facilitating it on skype as I am going on holiday in the afternoon. One other is doing a skype interview aswell but I believe the others will be face to face and I can't help that think they will have an advantage over me as its difficult to get yourself across when on skype vs. in person. So I feel like I really need to stand out and be prepared.

I've looked into the research areas of the panel of interviewers and have gone back to the books when it comes to methodology etc. Was just wondering if people could share what sort of questions they have had in the past for a RA post?

Also, I finished uni 3 years ago so am admittedly rather rusty with stats and SPSS...weirdly enough I did enjoy doing them back in the day and was good at it and I wouldn't have a problem picking it up again. If they ask how my skills are currently, do I admit they are a little rusty or try and cover it up in some way? I'm just very conscious of the fact that my competition probably have worked as RAs already or have done masters - neither of with I have done.

Much appreciated,

BB :alien:

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Re: Research Assistant interview - HELP

Post by hearspeaklisten » Tue Sep 06, 2016 11:49 am

Hi there,

In my experience, the interview panel said they were most impressed with my enthusiasm for the project. I read a paper that preceeded the current project I was applying for and thought of questions that I was interested in/ I asked about the parts of the method they had changed for the current project and why these choices were made.

From my research experience, I think enthusiasm for the research is so so important for the work!

Good luck!

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Re: Research Assistant interview - HELP

Post by Shinalp » Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:59 am


I had a skype interview once whilst I was on my travels in India and they felt my enthusiasm and compassion was reflected- so I don't think conveying the emotions and passion is difficult to achieve over a face-to-face skype interview.

With regards to general RA interview tips in my opinion, stick to the personal specification and make sure you can demonstrate how you have achieved each, look into the actual design of the study even if they have given brief details about the study itself and try to from questions e.g. how participants will be recruited, possibly investigate further the design of the study, what the team hopes to achieve from the study, etc.(this always impresses as your demonstrating your keenness) and also try to research other studies relating to interview study and quote those during your interview.

Also, this is a chance for your to explore whether the job/study is suitable for you and your career goals along with finding out how you fit in with the team too.

Good luck

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