Experience in Transforming Care Programme

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Experience in Transforming Care Programme

Post by krastavichok » Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:54 pm

I recently went for my first ever AP interview with a Community Learning Disability team, but, unfortunately, I wasn't successful. In the feedback that they gave me they said I was a very strong candidate and gave some very good answers, but the person they ended up choosing had more experience than me in some areas. As an example they gave was a question I had about Transforming Care Programme and the Winterbourne View Hospital - they said it was excellent I had researched and learned about it and the answer I gave on that question, but the successful candidate "had more experience in the TCP". This left me confused. As a hopeful interviewee in the future, I was wondering whether anyone could help clarify, what does it mean for someone to have experience in TCP? And, following that, how does one gain experience? In my answer, I had described what it was, why it was brought on and what that means for healthcare delivery in the UK, but really that's what I thought was enough - could there have been anything more I could add to this answer to make it a successful one?

Thanks so much for reading and for any possible clarifications in advance! :)

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Re: Experience in Transforming Care Programme

Post by lakeland » Fri Jun 23, 2017 5:26 pm

Inpatient LD services are currently going through Transforming Care. That means bed closures and community developments, supposedly in tandem. I would think that the successful candidate has already worked in an LD service that is having to make changes as a result of the programme aka they had more direct experience.

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