AP interview (systemic practice preparation)

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AP interview (systemic practice preparation)

Post by bg50wi » Sun Jan 13, 2019 9:36 pm

I have an interview soon for the role of an AP in LD. I have researched the background of the panel members and i know they have an interest in systemic practice and family therapy.

I have some knowledge on it but i am wondering if anyone has a good explanation of what it is? or how to describe it if it were to come up as a question?

I have made a start on what i think...i am also going to relate the description to my personal experiences as a support worker working with challenging behaviours/anxiety.

'Systemic practice is important to understand the system around an individual to understand the problems they may be having such as mental health or problematic behaviours. This could include family relationships, friendships, carers, upbringing. It is also important to understand a problem is the problem and the person is the person; the person is not the problem and should not be characterised by their problems.'

Hopefully i can add some depth to this with some help :D

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