RAVLT norms

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captain artichoke
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RAVLT norms

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Hey there,

Any chances anyone has handy access to normative data for the RAVLT? For a 47-year-old. Wanting to finish a report but manual etc has been 'borrowed'. Would be so helpful if you do so I can pm a couple of raw scores to you.

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Re: RAVLT norms

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I'm sure this response is far far too late but possibly still of use... I'm fairly sure there are a set of RAVLT norms in the Spreen and Strauss "A compendium of neuropsychological tests: Administration, norms and commentary" book. I don't have it to hand to check, but I definitely used to use this book to comment on some of the older tests used in the department. I think the norms are fairly old but better than nothing!

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