Having two CV's

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Having two CV's

Post by Paul Wicks » Sun Apr 22, 2007 9:23 am

I have two CV's.

I have a FULL cv which is basically never sent to anyone but is where I store a complete record of everything I have ever done ever at all from 5 metre swimming badge (I cheated) to media work, consultancy, even an award I got on Wikipedia.

Then when (if) I have to apply for a job I take the most relevant bits and make a custom CV. So for instance if I were to take a job with a university they might like to know about publications and conferences. In industry they might want to know about transferable skills and some of my consultancy stuff. If I go down the DClinPsy route they might want to know about my more touchy-feely stuff.

I recommend this technique because:
a.) It saves you forgetting stuff that you've done
b.) If you ever end up as an academic you do need to have a full CV, known as an "academic CV". Mine is 10 pages, my Prof's is 60 pages, Simon Baron-Cohen's is available on the web and is something like 100 pages...
c.) It's like your own personal scrap book of things you've done in your personal career development
d.) If you're feeling particularly rubbish you can look at it and cheer yourself up about how wonderful you are.

2 pages is good but nobody has ever been shot for sending 3, particularly if you're giving the addresses of 2 referees or if you have academic references.

Personally I prefer reading skills-based CV's to chronological ones, plenty of sources of help with that on the web.

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