Any current Sheffield trainees?

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Any current Sheffield trainees?

Post by Pigeon »

Hi there,

Like many others I'm potentially relocating for training, and have a few questions re the Sheffield course and area!

If any current trainees are happy for me to message them re this, it would be massively appreciated! :D
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Re: Any current Sheffield trainees?

Post by BlueCat »

Just replying to move this up the board, as I've posted on the end of the course specific threads and didn't want your query to get lost down the board.
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Re: Any current Sheffield trainees?

Post by LilyPad »

Hi Pigeon

I'm not a current trainee but I will most likely be starting in September too!...just need to finalise my decision! Looking forward to meeting you!

Hope you don't mind me hijacking this thread a bit but I also wanted to ask a few questions around the Sheffield course. Unfortunately I'm not currently in a position to move so wondered what the commute to Sheffield is like from South Manchester? Does anyone currently do this? Do you ever have to get a B&B deal in the week? Also I was wondering, do they ever have placements more towards Manchester, such as in Buxton or Glossop? The alternative handbook gives quite general information about placement locations so would be great to get an idea of what it's actually like to commute.

Many thanks!
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Re: Any current Sheffield trainees?

Post by kazrw »

Hi lily pad, I've recently finished training at Sheffield in the past few years. I would advise thinking carefully about the options you have.i commuted from Leeds and found this difficult as the roads into Sheffield are very congested ( in my opinion more so than leeds or Manchester). I believe the trains are good between Manchester and Sheffield so that may be a better option. It is certainly doable and people have gone this before but it makes for long days At an already busy time. Placements in the first 2years are in Sheffield/Barnsley/Doncaster/Scunthorpe. Although you can request placements they aren't guaranteed and placements all in one location are discouraged. In the 3rd year you can to an extent find your own
Placement so could be nearer Manchester but priority normally goes to more local training courses if there is competition. I hope that's helpful and not too discouraging. Anything you can do to increase work life balance in training is a good thing!
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Re: Any current Sheffield trainees?

Post by Orangeade31 »


I'm a current Sheffield trainee. I moved from South Manchester, but sympathise with you Lilypad - moving away was hard!
None of the first years had placements over towards Manchester and I haven't heard of any of the other years getting placements in that direction. But the course are quite good at considering trainee's individual circumstances, so I know they'd do their best to help if they could.
I still commute from Manchester every now and again when I go home to see friends and family and can't be bothered driving back on a Sunday evening! The drive isn't actually that bad, but I avoid the snake pass and come through Castleton and Winnets pass (if that's how you spell it!).
I think it would be exhausting doing it every day though. We have plenty of commuters who all manage fine, but driving over the peaks is so much more tiring than motorways, but I hate country roads so that could just be me and I imagine you would get used to it.
But there was also one time I was stuck in Manchester because the ice was so bad over the peaks, even though Sheffield and Manchester themselves were fine, so in winter that is always a possibility. Thankfully my placement supervisor was very understanding!
Pigeon - if you want to private message me, I'd be happy to give you a relocaters persective on Sheffield - I was in the same boat as you a year ago!
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