BPS/DCP member - favourable in application?

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BPS/DCP member - favourable in application?

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My BPS/DCP membership is up for renewal but obviously it being just after christmas etc £150 is looking like a lot to splash out right now. Can anyone shed any light on how membership is perceived at application stage? I'm due to qualify this year (hopefully..!) and some of the jobs I've seen have had membership down as a 'desirable'. Any advice?

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Re: BPS/DCP member - favourable in application?

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Whilst some job applications may put it down as desirable, I am aware of no situation in which a suitable candidate would be turned down because they weren't a member of the BPS/DCP. If anything it would only be mentioned briefly on your job application when you put down your professional membership (at which point HCPC is more pertinent).

I suppose I would say not to worry about it in regards to applications for jobs (I know plenty of qualified psychologists who are not members - most of my cohort in fact), but to think about it more for the wider profession and whether you feel that is important to you at this time

hope that helps :)
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