Join the team! Volunteers wanted to help with the forum

The guidance for posting on and any comments on the forum, suggestions for improvements, etc. Also information about our e-magazine, Aspire, and how to contribute or download your copy.
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Re: Join the team! Volunteers wanted to help with the forum

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We've lost some of our longstanding admin and moderation team to the demands of parenting, new jobs and the very sensible desire to have a better work-life balance during the pandemic. I like to ensure that we check and activate new registrations regularly, add to the wiki, keep the links and content in the wiki up to date, report inappropriate content, and share forum content on our social media channels. I'd also like to seed more discussion in our trainee and qualified CP forum sections. However, there is only one of me and I now run several small businesses and a research team, as well as having two kids, three cats and a building project to supervise at home - so we need to ensure that there is an active group of contributors steering the forum and ensuring that we continue to develop to meet the needs of our users in 2024.

If you want to play a role in keeping this site as helpful and active as possible and have some time to volunteer over the coming year, do let me know.

In particular, please let me know if you'd like to be more involved in the forum team in any of the following ways:
- checking and updating the wiki content
- identifying and compiling new wiki posts
- contributing to our social media output
- identifying potential advertisers for the forum and giving them information about our charges
- writing articles for our e-magazine, Aspire
- ensuring new users can find relevant content
- reminding users to follow the guidance for using the forum
- starting conversations in the trainee and/or qualified sections of the forum
- organising clubs and events in the LiveChat space - eg Q&A sessions, interview preparation sessions, journal club, discussion of case vignettes etc - and archiving the resulting chat for the reference of those who were not able to participate (you can see some archived examples of prior LiveChats in the members section)

Users who have made 50+ posts, check in to the site almost every week, and have been a member for 12 months or more can also apply to join our moderating team who:
- respond to reports and queries from users
- move threads to the right places
- delete spam
- move inappropriate content to the moderators' area for discussion
- contribute to discussions about moderating decisions
- ensure that the guidance/rules for users are appropriate and carried through in a way that sustains a positive culture on the forum
- check new registrations against spammer lists and approve genuine applications
- set up the big clinical applications results thread

Contributing to the forum in this way can be good for your CV, and a good way to put something back into this community if you have found it helpful. So I hope that we can gather a new group to take things forward.

We are also seeking a social media lead for ClinPsy. This person will promote hot topics from the forum, the wiki content, my blog, and issues relevant to psychology from the media on the clinpsy twitter account (which also reposts on our facebook page)* in a regular pattern, ensuring we tweet each day and continue to be seen as a thought leader in the field and accumulate followers with an interest in psychology. You will be able to pick out reliable sources and a wide variety of topics of interest to psychologists, so that I can add adverts, and my own topical/political content on an ad hoc basis. This is a voluntary role. However, if you are reliable and willing to make a commitment to the role for a minimum of 6 months, we can pay a nominal £12 per week, for an hour's work posting appropriate content on my business accounts.

*even if you don't get the above role, you are welcome to retweet our content and/or to tag me in to posts that might be relevant for our 8500+ followers

See my blog at
This forum is free to use. If you find the site useful, you are welcome to contribute the cost of a cup of coffee to our running costs.
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