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Counselling Psych

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I am currently a cbt therapist and wanting to go into counselling psychology. Could anybody give some advice on how I can balance this and working? Obviously i will need to work as its not a funded course
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Re: Counselling Psych

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Hopefully someone will be able to answer your question-but given that this forum was designed for aspiring Clinical Psychologists, perhaps there are some other forums or groups on social media that might be more informed on counselling psychology?
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Re: Counselling Psych

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Your manager may support you in getting the cbt hours. Then allow 2 days for the course (some courses are 3 days) per week. If it’s only a few hours each uni day either do uni work or a placement using a different therapy modality in places like the uni therapy services as one option. You could also get a different model in the voluntary sector that offers flexibility eg evening or weekend work or a different client group.

I compressed 20 hours into 2 days for pay but was just a pwp which of course and rightly wasn’t useable. I stated to keep my continuous nhs service. I imagine it would have been easier with appropriate consent, supervision, management approval etc to use some of your cbt hours towards the 450 therapy hours.

I largely did it in the first place as I didn't get the high intensity trainee role and wanted options career wise. Now I know that’s not an nhs role and thankfully never have to do a ksa portfolio again! It’s additionally so much easier to apply for other therapies too such as emdr, pgdip in various therapies etc with this qualification so don’t regret doing it.
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