Referencing and Formatting Papers: APA, BPS, Harvard Guides

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Referencing and Formatting Papers: APA, BPS, Harvard Guides

Post by escapee » Sun Apr 08, 2007 1:24 pm

Most undergraduate and postgraduate courses ask you to adhere to the APA Guidelines for formatting and referencing for research reports, essays, papers, etc. Some courses prefer you to adhere to the BPS Editorial Style Guide, which includes guidelines similar to those produced by the APA but with some differences. You will usually be told which is your course's preferred style, but if you're not sure then ask.

If you are submitting an article to a journal, you must follow the journal's own preferred formatting style. This may be something other than APA or BPS style and will be stated on their website, usually with examples.

APA Guidelines

This handy website has all information related to the newest APA guidelines and is easily searchable

Here is a link to the BPS style guide ... _guide.pdf

And here is a link to the Harvard referencing guide ... arvard.pdf

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