Useful publications/resources for CAMHS

Information on research, statistics and publications - tips including how to recruit participants, gain funding, understand your results and get them published.
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Useful publications/resources for CAMHS

Post by choirgirl » Fri Sep 07, 2007 3:32 pm

Publications available online for those working in CAMHS & related services.

The mental health of children – publications

(i) A Mental Health Care Pathway for Children and Young People with Learning Disabilities: A resource pack for service planners and practitioners
A booklet that explains the latest research in this area to busy practitioners to help them make appropriate treatment choices.

downloadable at ... ource_pack

(ii) Choosing What’s Best for You: What scientists have found helps children and young people who are sad, worried or troubled.
A booklet that explains the latest research in this area to children and families to help them make treatment choices.

downloadable at ... osing_july

UPDATE 2016 - The Division of Clinical Psychology Faculty for Children, Young People and their Families (CYPF) launched a review entitled ‘What Good Looks Like in Psychological Services for Children, Young People and their Families’ - a practical handbook providing guidance on the provision of good quality psychological services and the active roles that psychologists and other mental health practitioners can play.

downloadable at ... fcpr_3.pdf

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