How much does your commute cost you?

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How much does your commute cost you?

Post by AdamC »

Out of curiosity, how much do you pay on commuting to and from work, and what percentage of your take home is that?

I'm particularly interesting in hearing from AP's, who it sounds like commute a ridiculous distance.

I'm currently trying to consider whether 120 miles each way would be feasible...
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Post by noodle »

Sounds a bit far too me..

My commute is about 40 miles each way but because I work in a city centre notorious for it's traffic I get the train in.

I'm on a half time band 4 salary and the train, parking and petrol costs me about £16 per day. It works out as about a third of my take home salary :( :cry:

(Please, please, please let it be worth it when it comes to interviews this year!)
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Post by baa »

WHAT? 120?

I do a 50 mile round trip and that uses about 1/8 of a tank of diesel (maybe less), which is, dunno, 4 or 5 quid?

Uni is a 130mile round trip and I find it painful, I stay over so I don't go there and back in a day. I went there and back over a period of three days for a different course and was a bit dead.

I think if you had a helicopter, that would be best.
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Post by damnsaiyan »

120 miles would be a nightmare!

Currently I pay £10 a day for travel, and travel ends up costing 20% of my pay which isn't too bad.
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Post by TuttiFrutti »

I travel 65 miles each way for my AP post, my fuel bill is approx £250 per month :( ouch, hurts to write that down
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Post by Dr.Dot »

I do 135 miles a day round trip, it costs about £15 a day. It takes me an hour and a half each way and it is near killing me, I am fit for nothing when I get in at night.
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Post by secret squirrel »

Suffered a commute of 1hr+ for quite some time, and now have been rewarded with a commute of: 45mins by public transport, 25mins by (push)bike, or 15-20mins by car; with costs of approx £5, free, or about 70p respectively. However, due to my location and age, my insurance costs over £3 a day!
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Post by Loula »

My AP job was a 70 mile round trip when i started it, but reduced to 50 miles after a couple of months because I moved house. It took about 45 minutes and used 1/8 ('a dash') of petrol every day because my little car isn't designed for motorway, so over the month it was about £200.

My commute now is by train and a railcard costs £23 per week, or £78 a monthr. The station is 3 miles drive way and there's free parking :) and I have a 10/15 minute walk at the other end.

edit: I can't bring myself to think of the first as a % of my take home pay, expecially if I factored in the other costs such as increased insurance for lots of miles, regular services, new tyres etc.
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Post by heatherb »

My commute was initially long, although now I've moved (intentionally closer to work) it's 20 miles per day. Works out as not a lot per month, roughly a full tank of petrol which is about £50. Not too bad compared to the hundreds I spent before!
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Post by Toria »

This thread is making me sob! I'm just about to move house from being realtively close to work to 1.5/2 hours away (partner is starting a uni course). And my job has just changed a bit so doing 3 home visits a day - my poor poor micra!

I like the idea of getting a helicopter - do you think NHS expenses will cover it?!
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Post by schizometric »

I used to do a 40m commute to work, which took about an hour and a half due to traffic and cost £15 each day due to a stupid horrible bridge and petrol.

120m would definitely be too much for me to be comfortable with.
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Post by miriam »

Mine's just shy of 20 miles each way, and I've got an efficient diesel car, so £4 per day in fuel.

Don't forget the time though. If you earn £23,000 per year (picked for easy maths, as its £100 per working day) that could be £12.50/hour for a job right near where you live that you can walk to in 15 minutes. However, if you add in a 50 mile 90 minute journey you could end up earning £8.40/hour for the same job, which is one third less!

I don't think a commute of more than an hour is sustainable for more than a few months. For 120 miles I would either move or rent a room there for in the week or stay over at a B&B at least 2 nights a week. In fact, my husband did 3 months of working 150 miles away, and found it exhausting even though he stayed 2 nights in a B&B and worked one day a week from home!

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Post by »

That sounds way too far to me! If it was the only job option, I'd consider moving closer.

My commute has just gone up from 5 minutes in the car, to an hour by train tube and foot. My essential car user allowance has gone from the old job :( and I'm now paying £141.50 a month to TfL! :( But hey, it is the job I wanted! :)
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Post by Jaz »

When working as an honorary AP I had a commute of 2.5 hours each way. I done that for about a 9 months and it exhausted me. Furthermore, my railcard was approx £230 a month and as my travel expenses were not reimbursed I had to get a weekend job so working 7 days a week was so so tiring :( I wouldn't recommend long commutes at all!!!
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Post by vars »

I comute 66 miles each way, takes me 1 hour 40mins to get to work (on a good day!!), I'm a first year trainee and have been doing this for a year.

Costs £58 per week on diesel and if I get the train it's £14 if I get the train

It's doable but exhausting!
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