Research Databases for Journals

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Research Databases for Journals

Post by Spatch » Tue Mar 27, 2007 8:29 pm

Okay, so from the clueless undergrad that has their first essay to write to those veteran postdocs writing grant applications, research databases are a vital resource to use. However, many rookies find the whole thing scary, get put off by bizzare acronyms like Psylit (slightly porno if you ask me) or Medline.

Fine. Relax, we can make things simple.

Just use these are two of databases you should be fairly well covered.


Almost everything that is worth reading can be found on this online abstract search engine. Its fairly comprehensive and brings up articles that are still in the pipeline that are yet to be published. If you cite these on your undergraduate essays you can impress your tutors who are probably used to the textbook references that most are happy to cite.

Web of Science

Whereas pubmed is unsurpassed for its sheer volume of abstracts on a topic, Web of Science is the the place to go if you want to know about a particular author. If you use the Author search function you can pretty much get the lowdown on a particular scientists research output. This is very handy if you want to impress a potential supervisor and you can show off your encyclopedic knowledge of their work. You can even find H indexes which show you if people are citing the authors work, which indicates people are either a)taking it seriously or b) this guy is well connected with lots of cronies.

NB. Should not be used to stalk or scare scientists with its creepy level of knowledge about folks work history.

Of course there are many other databases and tools, but these two are the basics that will serve you well. Happy hunting.

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