Strengths and Weaknesses + Questions for interview panel

Read tips here about about how to apply for posts and courses, what to expect in inteviews, in how short-listing is done
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Strengths and Weaknesses + Questions for interview panel

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I think we all have plenty of strengths we should be able to talk about like enthusiasm, being quick to assimilate new ideas, sympathetic, good listener, good team player, hard working, meticulous, warm, etc. Why not ask colleagues, friends or members of your family what they see as your top selling points?

You can also ask about your weakpoints from others. However, I think the trick for interview is to pick weaknesses that are either balanced by also being a strength or show our insight into ourselves, or acknowledge that there is always more we can learn and develop, like perfectionism, taking on too much, not having much knowledge or experience of certain problems/client groups/systems, or getting anxious under pressure (especially if this latter is evident from your interview performance).

I think it is a good interview question, as it picks out how much people have been able to reflect about themselves, and it is not really something that can be learnt by rote, as it needs to "ring true" and feel personal.

As to asking your interviewers questions at the end of an interview, think what it is you want to know about the post: Where will it be based? Will there be much travel involved? Will there be networking opportunities? What will the supervision be like? What basic training will they give you? What opportunities for training and personal & professional development will be available? What is their support structure? How much clinical psychology input do they have as a service? Will there be any opportunity for you to liase with CPs about clients (e.g. if you were a client's keyworker) in the service as and when need arises? How large is the catchment of the course? Where do people doing this post normally live? Is there any subsidised, university or hospital accommodation available? Is there a dominant therapeutic model? Is there funding to attend training events?

For a clinical course all the above, plus: How much choice of placements do trainees get? How is the teaching arranged? Which placements are done first? What assessment methods are used? Is the teaching arranged in blocks or spread over the year? Are trainees normally placed individually or can two or more be in the same placement or sharing the same supervisor? Are there particular research interests in the department?

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