Useful web links for PWP's

Information about the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies scheme, the different roles, training courses, professional bodies and the KSF requirements.
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Useful web links for PWP's

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IAPT/ Rethink PWP training manual 2011 – Really useful resource, PWP’s get given these when they go on training, bit of PWP bible!!

Self Help

Living Life to the Full
Wellbeing Glasgow
Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust Self Help material
Lanarkshire Mental Health Resources Self Help material
Get Self Help
Royal College of Psychiatrist’s Self Help material
Talk Together Self Help
Rethink-A Recovery Programme for Depression – this resource isn’t free but is a really nice resource if your service has access to it, I think you can download and print one copy for free without breeching copyright laws.

Useful information

IAPT Outcome Measures (page 34)

Voluntary Organisations


1. Oxford Guide to Low Intensity CBT Interventions
2. Myles & Rushforth(2007) The Complete Guide to Primary Care Mental Health
3. Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Skills and Applications
4.Overcoming Depression
5. An Introduction to Coping with Depression
6. Behavioural Activation (CBT Distinctive features)
7. Overcoming Anxiety
8. An Introduction to Coping with Anxiety

By T.asha

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