Warm up exercises for a group

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Warm up exercises for a group

Post by maven » Tue Apr 10, 2007 2:50 pm

You can do loads of different things, and there are even books full of just that kind of thing (can't think of the name of the one I know, but it has a red cover).

Some starter ideas off the top of my head include:

Throw a cuddly toy around naming yourself and the person you got it from and are throwing it to ("Thank you Simon, I'm Maven, I'm throwing to Jenny").

Introducing yourself (or going into pairs and then introducing your partner) to the group with a describing word starting with the same letter of your name, and a short explanation why you chose it ("Hi, I'm Magical Maven, because people think I can perform miracles, although I haven't got my wand with me").

Get a ball of wool, pass it around across the circle to make a web shape, telling something you wish to get from the group each time it passes you. Then set aside the web somewhere safe until the end of the group, where you unwind it back onto the ball of wool telling something you have learnt from the group each time it passes you.

Picking from a set of picture cards, objects or words one you think applies to you and saying why.

Playing Mallet's Mallet (if you remember that), by asking each person in turn to say a word associated with the previous word in some way (eg tree - christmas - present - past - history - king - queen etc).

Tell of one person you admire for any reason (a friend, relative, celebrity, mythological figure, story character, etc).

If I was a..... colour, animal, food, place, TV program.... I'd be a............... (If I were a colour I'd be a bright purple as I'm loud but also comfy. If I were an animal I'd be a cat as I like to be fussed over. If I were a food I'd be fresh granary bread because I seem fairly boring from the outside, but I'm surprisingly nice, etc etc).

As closing exercise I like to give each participant an envelope and scraps of paper, then ask them to write something positive for each other person in the group (even if its only "thank you for being part of the group"), as its great to have some positive strokes to walk away with.

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