Lancaster Interview

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Lancaster Interview

Post by confusedskittles »

Hiya all!

I hope everyone is taking care of themselves through the application process!

I just had a quick question regarding Lancaster which I hoped someone would be able to shed some light on.

Do they have a research element to their Clinical interview? I can see they have competencies.. But it doesn't say explicitly whether there will be questions on research or won't.

I don't want to spend lots of time revising a topic I don't need to, but equally, I don't want to be caught out!

Thanks all :)
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Re: Lancaster Interview

Post by RJParker »

Long answer taken from our website: Our selection event looks at the competencies an individual holds, not their knowledge and skills. As we [explain on our website], for a variety of reasons not all applicants are fortunate enough to have the same access to education and employment. We focus on the potential of the applicant to develop during training and the personal qualities which will be required to manage both the programme and the job following qualification. While some applicants are disappointed that we do not look at their specific professional experiences, to do so would undermine our commitment to social justice and potentially unfairly exclude some applicants.

Short answer: No.
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