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Supervision help

Post by Goldblackstar » Sat Jan 12, 2019 1:04 pm

I’ve decided to take on the motto ‘There is no harm in asking’ this year, so I’ve decided to take the plunge and post this here. If this is against the guidelines, moderators, please delete. I don’t mean to offend or cause any problems.

I’m a 1st-year trainee on a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology course based in the North East area of the country. I was wondering if anyone based in the area is willing to offer me clinical supervision at a VERY VERY subsided rate. The placement I'm about to start does not provide supervision and therefore requires me to find an external supervisor. Sadly, due to a change in my father's health, I’ve run into some financial difficulties and trying to find ways to manage this while continuing with my training. I mean if this post does not yield any results, I will find a way to pay the current rate for supervision. But I thought there is no harm in asking.

I will require 1 hour of supervision for every 6 hours of client contact I have, so this will roughly mean an hour supervision every two weeks. The supervisor has to be an HCP Clinical/Counselling Psychologist and dependent on their experience, may require brief training.

If anyone is kindly willing to do this, please PM me.

Many thanks.

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