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*INTERVIEW - Help!* - Clinical Support Worker

Post by Opetha » Fri Feb 01, 2019 3:39 pm

Hi Everyone :)

I have not been able to secure a position as an Assistant Psychologist yet (I have limited clinical experience), so I have been applying for Support Worker / Clinical Support Worker type posts as well in hopes of securing a position that will allow me to develop my clinical skills and gain valuable experience working in a clinical setting.

I have just been offered an interview for a Clinical Support Worker, working with young people in a hospital setting. I am extreemly excited by this oppertunity as I am particularly interested in working with younger persons in my future career.

Regarding the interview - I have been told to report to reception to undertake a 'young person panel' with interview slots being arranged after this, i've been told to allow three hours for the assesment.

- Can anyone possibly give me any advice or guidance regarding what to expect? I have completed an Assesment Centre for a previous job (this involved two written tests, presentation then interview) but I have never been interviewed by a panel comprised of the client group, which I assume this may be?

- Can anyone possibly give me any additional guidance regarding how to best prepare myself? Or anything at all that I should know / be aware of / plan for?

It may sound like I am asking a lot of basic questions and I do apologise if that is the case. I am just really passionate about this particular role and I would really like to secure the job. I think I am a really good candidate for the role, I just don't want to let myself down during the interview!

Thank yuo for reading and any words you can offer me will be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks

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Re: *INTERVIEW - Help!* - Clinical Support Worker

Post by hawke » Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:46 pm

It sounds like the young people will be asking you questions. Depending on how involved they've been in the process, they may have written the questions themselves, or they may have been given questions by the service. Either way, your answers need to make them feel like you would be a good person to support them. I think a good way to prepare is to think about what qualities a service user wants you to have, how to explain things in a user-friendly way, and really focus on using your interpersonal skills to build good rapport with them. Show interest in them, ask them questions, find out what their opinions are - remember they are experts by experience.
A member of staff will almost certainly be sitting in with you, and may or may not be formally assessing you during that time as well. In which case you do need to hold them in mind, but your focus should be on the young people themselves.

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