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CAAP - Dundee / stirling

Post by ap20g14678 » Fri Nov 01, 2019 1:17 pm

Just wondering if anyone would be open to speaking about their experience of the psychological therapy in primary care MSc (CAAP) at Dundee/Stirling?

Am thinking about applying (for 2021 intake, so some time yet!)
Am intrigued about how people found the course / managing attending uni if you live far from Dundee/Stirling and job prospects.


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Re: CAAP - Dundee / stirling

Post by JamieFerrie » Mon Nov 11, 2019 12:18 pm

Hi there :)

Current trainee just about to finish up!

I think it's great that your thinking of applying to the programme as it is very valuable with regards to the depth of clinical and research competencies you gain throughout. I was based in GG&C, so I would get reimbursed for accommodation/meal expenses (to an extent) for Dundee teaching weeks but not Stirling. The cost though is affordable on a Band 6 salary.

The biggest challenge I found was balancing the academic demands of the programme with the demands of clinical placement as it is often the case that the two can be very separate. Although they say that all clinical practice should be evidence-based, healthbaords are different meaning that you often have to take the core ideas from research and try to apply this as best you can to your clinics.

What I will say is that is a very intense course and you often have to make peace with the idea that you will never be able to master everything, but it's about doing a 'good enough' job! Although, the programme staff and clinical tutors are fantastic and you also get a lot of support from fellow trainees. Regarding employment, it really depends on healthbaords to be honest. Some healthbaords are more 'receptive' to CAAPs than others so there are definitely more and more CAAP posts being funded; however, this may be in areas such as Lothian, Lanarkshire, and Tayside. Regardless, the transferable skills you gain is really worth it whether you want to continue as a CAAP or dabble in something else :)

Any other Qs feel free to DM me.

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