AP Redeployment

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AP Redeployment

Post by Orenishii » Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:01 pm

Hi all,

I know we are currently living in strange times with the current COVID-19 pandemic and I am sure we are all being impacted by this in some way. I'm curious about how this might be impacting your roles and what adjustments either you or your service have put into place?

I am a band 4 Assistant Psychologist - the only AP in the medical NHS trust I work in. Understandably, all my face-to-face appointments have been cancelled. At this time, we are being told by the government to only go to work if 'essential' so I have suggested to my employer for me to work from home (laptop and phone both of which are available) however this request has been denied.

I have been told that I 'may' be redeployed to cover for admin somewhere else. I'm feeling conflicted by this as I commute a long distance to work (which is potentially putting myself and others at risk) at a time when we should be limiting non-essential travelling to be asked to sit around in a department on the off chance of covering admin.

I know this is going to be a hard time for us all but I just can't help but feel I could be working from home as the equipment is there and I would still be able to check in on the wellbeing of the clients on my caseload. And if the admin cover really is needed surely they could call me in when required?

It would be great to hear your stories on how your roles have been impacted and also any helpful suggestions would be much appreciated.

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