Family/Systemic Training/CPD

Discuss local psychology graduate / assistant psychologist groups, training events, conferences, meetings and open days. Let people know what is coming up, and report back about events you have attended. Review materials and books here.
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Family/Systemic Training/CPD

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Hi all,

I am a qualified psychologist working in Ireland.

I am keen to use some of my study leave entitlement for the year to access further training/CPD on family/systems therapy. I am aware that all training will be carried out online at the moment but haven't found anything suitable from my Google searching.

Would anyone be able to point in the right direction regarding where to seek such training?

Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thank you.
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Re: Family/Systemic Training/CPD

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Hi countingdown,

A family therapist in my team has recently advertised and .

Hope this helps!

PS. Thanks to @ClinPsy for pointing me here.
peace, take care, and keep the faith
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