Therapy Assistant Help

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Therapy Assistant Help

Post by Tabby1 »

Hello everyone 🙂
Got an interview for a Therapy Assistant coming up in a neurological centre for individuals with brain injury and other neurological conditions.
Not seen too many people mention they were a therapy assistant before they got an AP role or onto the doctorate. Does this sound relevant and along the right lines 🙂
Also if anyone has any interview tips for a Therapy Assistant role or neurological service!
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Re: Therapy Assistant Help

Post by Geishawife »

Yes, this could be a very useful role to learn lots of relevant skills and gain some very beneficial experience. As far as the interview goes, I won't give you any specific hints and tips, but think about the importance of MDT working, look at what different professions bring to the rehabilitation of people with neurological difficulties and think about how what and who you are makes you an appropriate person for the role.
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