Unsuccessful application? Want a post mortem of your form? 2024

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Unsuccessful application? Want a post mortem of your form? 2024

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As is becoming a tradition, it's the time of year when I'm prepared to offer a post-mortem critique of your application form. If you have been unsuccessful in gaining any interviews, then I will take a look at your application form and try to help you understand why. This offer is open to any member of the forum that donates at least £20* to one of this year's nominated charities. The purpose is to help people see if there is something concrete they can do differently next time, think about what experience to gather over the coming months, or decide whether clinical psychology is a viable path for them.

In light of the cost of living crisis and the poor way this government is treating refugees, this year's charities are Refugee Action (a charity that supports refugees in the UK and campaigns for fairer treatment, UNHCR (a charity supporting refugees around the world), Magic Breakfasts (a charity that feed children on arrival at school in socio-economically deprived areas), and Trussell Trust (who are a food bank provider). Please add gift aid to your donation if you are eligible. As always, I am donating my time without charge. . Please make your donation directly to the charity and send me your receipt with your form, following the process below. As ever, its first come, first served, with no guarantee on timescales. I'll look through them over the coming weeks. I generally do one or two each evening that I have time available over the next month.

Am I good at this? I guess that's for other people to judge. I haven't been directly involved in course selection, but I do read a LOT of forms (at least 20-30 per year for 20 years). I also have a good success rate in supporting the APs I supervise through the application process, as well as the experience of running professional development days for applicants, in which I've met more than 300 of you, so I have a pretty good (and perhaps unique) overview of the level of competition and which applications pan out to be successful. I have had a lot of messages that suggest my advice was helpful to people, but I am brutally honest - so please don't ask me to do this if you are likely to find honest advice too disheartening at this point. If you are feeling fragile, this may not be what you want right now - you might just want some kindness and reassurance. If so, please ask people you know, or post on the forum to connect with others in the same situation. You can always ask for my advice if/when you start to think about preparing your next application. But a lot of people tell me it is helpful to think about what skills you want to try to gain by then.

This is one of the emails I have received with feedback about the post-mortem experience:
I hope you’re well. It's been a year since I took you up on your offer of reviewing unsuccessful dclin applications. At the time, I had applied 3 times with no interview invites.

This year, my outcomes have done a complete 180 and I’ve somehow managed to receive 3 interview invites. Truly I don’t think I would have achieved this if it wasn’t for your extremely honest and helpful feedback. Your tips and reflections shifted my perspective on what an application should convey – personality & values vs basic and generic.

I say all this to say, a big thank you for all your efforts, I couldn’t be any more appreciative.
If you would like me to review your application, and are happy to make a donation of at least £20* to one of the charities I have chosen for this year, please drop me a PM. I'll respond to each person in turn to give you my email address when I'm ready for you to send your form over. When you've had a reply, you can send over an email titled "post-mortem request" with a screenshot showing your donation along with your form and I'll send you back some comments. If there are one or two short questions that you are grappling with, you can let me know, but I try to stick to a set structure for doing this and probably can't get into a long correspondence about your career plans. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME at this stage, even if you have my address. Please wait for a reply to your PM to tell you I'm ready, otherwise it becomes really hard for me to manage the process fairly.

If you are new to the forum, it is worth noting that your PM will sit in your outbox until I read it. Its a quirk of the way phpBB is set up. If you are joining the forum to take advantage of this offer, remember that we intentionally delay and check all new registrations, so this process can take some time - please be patient, the whole forum is run only by volunteers around our day jobs, and it isn't unreasonable to prioritise existing members over new joiners.

I'll try to complete the reviews over the next six weeks. I'm prepared to do this for up to 20 forms initially, but I'm motivated to do as many as I can because a) it is raising money for a good cause, and b) I hope it will help to level the playing field, by being an offer that is open to people without access to a CP supervisor with sufficient experience to make the same offer. I'll let you know if my capacity runs out by posting on this thread to indicate the opportunity has been closed.

*if the donation is a barrier for you for some reason, please drop me a note and let me know what you can afford, as there is often a small pot of donated funding with which I can subsidise access. I don't want to exclude anyone with dependents or disabilities or from BME or other more economically disadvantaged groups, although I do want to raise as much money for the charity as I can.

BTW if anyone has been successful in securing an interview (or is already a trainee or qualified) and wants to make a donation to fund this for a peer who has been less successful as a random act of kindness or means to "pay it forward", please feel free to get in touch. I'll then be able to offer more free or low cost reviews to members of disadvantaged groups. I've already had one donation from a qualified CP who is happy to subsidise someone who would otherwise find this hard to access, and there is an offer on the table from another, but if there are more individuals who need financial support there may be more people who are willing to donate so the charities don't miss out.

See my blog at http://clinpsyeye.wordpress.com
This forum is free to use. If you find the site useful, you are welcome to contribute the cost of a cup of coffee to our running costs.
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