Guidance for Approved Clinicians under MHA

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Guidance for Approved Clinicians under MHA

Post by maven » Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:52 pm

The BPS have just circulated the following:

Interim Supplementary Guidance for Chartered Psychologists Seeking Approval and Acting as Approved Clinicians

The Mental Health Act 2007 (MHA 2007), which amends the Mental Health 1983, came into force in November 2008. The published Code of Practice that supports the implementation of the MHA 2007 acknowledges explicitly for the first time psychological formulation and intervention as a perspective to inform multidisciplinary care planning and management, with the potential for chartered psychologists to take a team-leading role as responsible clinicians.
The introduction of non-medical responsible clinicians to carry out the functions previously reserved to psychiatrists will enable responsibility to be better distributed across competency-based teams capable of providing efficient person-centred care and appropriate choice, as envisaged in the Department of Health’s New Ways of Working programme.
The Professional Practice Board’s MHA Working Party has produced supplementary guidance to the Code of Practice to support chartered psychologists in the implementation of the MHA 2007, which cements within a statutory framework important developments in mental health services in relation to clinical leadership, distributed responsibility and improved access to psychological services.
The supplementary guidance is “interim” as it is anticipated that both its range and content may change over time as psychologists begin to take up the approved clinician and responsible clinician roles and test them in practice. Guidance is provided for psychologists seeking approval and acting as approved clinicians in a number areas including: the approval process; the appropriate medical treatment test; conflicts of interest; responses to disturbed behavior; supervised community treatment; and people with learning disabilities.
The recommendations provided in the Society’s supplementary guidance are to assist psychologist approved clinicians in weighing and reaching clinically defensible decisions in the best interests of patients and relevant others having due regard to the provisions of MHA, the Code of Practice and other relevant legislation, and the views of the patient, the clinical team and others involved the patient’s care.
The interim supplementary guidance can be found at:

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