Short Counselling Courses

Read tips here about about how to apply for posts and courses, what to expect in inteviews, in how short-listing is done
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Short Counselling Courses

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Accredited courses are generally run by BACP, CPCAB, or UKCP.

You can find courses either by browsing your local uni’s and colleges or through

Length of courses
Short courses
There are short courses of ten weeks (usually 3 hours a week), that cover basic counselling skills such as effective and non-effective listening, trust, raising self awareness, getting in touch with your feelings, attentive listening, reflecting, responding, open and closed questions, core values and beliefs (unconditional positive regard).
Learning is mostly interactive, group tasks, discussions, and role plays. Assessment is generally through a reflective diary.

Longer courses
This usually involves working toward the diploma in counselling but may be broken down into two separate years. The split varies depending where the course is taught, but seems to favour practical skills in the first year followed by theory in the second year. This builds upon the skills gained within the short course and begins to add theory to techniques. Key aims are to develop counselling skills, facilitate self-awareness, provide an introduction to counselling theory, develop awareness of ethical issues.
Assessment is generally through reflective diaries (though they have to meet certain criteria), presentations, written work, role plays and a short exam.

View of counselling courses by clinical courses
Comments from a couple of clinical courses regarding how counselling is looked on is that it may add a couple of points in the personal suitability of the candidate section.

Example experiences of students
“I really enjoyed the short course, I found it made me think much more about myself and how I react to situations. It also made me much more aware of how I respond and act with other people. In my clinical work, it helped me to think of different ways to phrase things and to pay attention to small details.”

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