Narrative Therapy reading material

This section is to give an overview of different models, different therapeutic orientations and techniques
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Narrative Therapy reading material

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Narrative Therapy reading material (a selection):

Angus, L. & McLeod, J. (Eds.) (2004). The Handbook of Narrative and Psychotherapy: Practice, Theory, & Research. London: Sage.
Bird, J. (2000). The Heart's Narrative: Therapy and navigating life's contradictions. Adelaide: Dulwich Centre Publications.
Brown, C. & Augusta-Scott, T. (2006). Narrative Therapy: Making Meaning, Making Lives. London: Sage.
Carr, A. (1998). Michael White’s Narrative Therapy. Contemporary Family Therapy, 20, (4), 485-503.
Epston, D. & White, M. (1992). Experience, Contradiction, Narrative & Imagination: Selected Papers of David Epston & Michael White. Adelaide: Dulwich Centre Publications.
Fox, H. (2003). Using therapeutic documents: A Review. International Journal of Narrative Therapy & Community Work, 4, 26-37.
Freedman, J. & Combs, G. (1996). Narrative Therapy: The Social Construction of Preferred Realities. New York: Norton.
Freeman, J., Epston, D., & Lobovits, D. (1997). Playful approaches to serious problems: Narrative therapy with children and their families. New York: Norton.
Hewson, D. (1991). From laboratory to therapy room: Prediction questions for reconstructing the 'new-old' story. Dulwich Centre Newsletter, 3, 5-12.
Hoffman, L. (1990). Constructing realities: an art of lenses. Family Process, 29, 1-12.
Lynggaard, H. & Scior, K. (2002). Narrative therapy and people with learning disabilities. Clinical Psychology, 17, 33-36.
McNamee, S. & Gergen, K. (Eds.) (1992). Therapy as Social Construction. London: Sage.
Morgan, A. (2000). What is Narrative Therapy? Adelaide: Dulwich Centre Publications.
Morgan, A. (2002). Beginning to use a narrative approach in therapy. Clinical Psychology, 17, 37-42.
Nicholson, S. (1995). A Narrative Dance: A Practice Map for White's Therapy. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy, 16, 23-28.
Payne, M. (2006). Narrative Therapy (2nd ed.). London: Sage.
Weingarten, K. (1998). The small and the ordinary: The daily practice of a postmodern narrative therapy. Family Process, 37, 3-15.
White, M. (1991). Deconstruction and Therapy. Dulwich Centre Newsletter, 3, 21-40.
White, M. (1995). Re-authoring Lives: Interviews & Essays. Adelaide: Dulwich Centre Publications.
White, M. & Epston, D. (1990) Narrative means to therapeutic ends. New York: Norton.
White, M. & Morgan, A. (2006). Narrative Therapy with Children and their Families. Adelaide: Dulwich Centre Publications.
Zimmerman, J. & Dickerson, V. (1994). Using a narrative metaphor: Implications for theory & clinical practice. Family Process, 33, 233-245.

Miriam also recommends, for child and family work (especially with Looked After children):
Connecting with Kids Through Stories: Using Narratives to Facilitate Attachment in Adopted Children
101 Healing Stories for Kids and Teens: Using Metaphors in Therapy and this looks like a good easy introduction to narrative therapy, and I've just ordered this...

The Dulwich Centre website also has lots of interesting stuff and links. Lots of Michael White stuff (he's co-director there).

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